Hotel Policy

    Check-in Time : 3.00PM

    Check-out Time :11.00AM

    Cancellation Policy :

    Cancel by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time at least 1 day prior to avoid 1-night charges of rooms and and taxes. Guest will be charged 1-Night charges of room and taxes, if cancellation / no show occurs after that time. Hotel will authorize credit card provided one night room plus charges prior to arrival. If credit card declined for any reasons, hotel reserves right to cancel reservation without notifying guest or any other parties.

    PET Policy :

    No Pets Allowed

    Prices and Taxes :

    Any price mentioned ,does not include taxes.

    Payment and Terms :

    At-least one night room and taxes will be charged prior to arrival. 100% payment will be charged at the time of check-in.

    Traveling with Minors :

    Minimm check-in age is 21 years,traveler must be at least 21 years old to check in.

    Visitors in the room :

    Hotel does not allow visitors in the room, only registered guests will be allowed to the room. Hotel will not register number of guests that exceed maximum people allowed in the room (2 persons).

    Additional Fees :

    Additional fees may apply on top of room charges, please check with hotel staff. If guest is paying with cash exta cash deposite will be collected at the time of check-in for incidental recoveries. Same may apply to credit cards.

    Parking :

    Hotel does not have any parking space available for guests.

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